Why Do People Choose Homeschooling?

Why Do People Choose Homeschooling?

Lots of people choose homeschooling for various reasons; some are because of the lifestyle homeschooling affords others because it offers your child the flexibility to learn whatever interests them while for others it’s to help reduce the costs of the traditional form of schooling.

Homeschooled children most times are made to feel comfortable with a wide variety of people without the needed social pressure from peers and age-segregated classrooms.

People have commented on how easy they find it is to talk to people who have been homeschooled because, during homeschooling, they are sometimes made to participate in community life and some other activities.

10 Good Reasons To Homeschool Your Child

There are a whole lot of benefits to homeschooling if you decide to go down that path, It is beneficial to both the students and the parents as well, as it not only allows parents and children to spend time together but also have their learning methods streamlined to the interest of the kids as well.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should have your kids homeschooled.

  1. Flexibility: Homeschooling affords you the flexibility to work around your schedule, meaning you can decide to go on vacation when you like, and also it affords your kids to choose what to learn based on their interests.
  2. You get to wake up and go to bed at whatever time suits you as you are well-schooled at home and you don’t have the need to be woken up very early in the mornings to head to school
  3. You as a child get to learn about the things you like, meaning the education will be tailored to your interest, This is where homeschooling sometimes differs from regular school
  4. It provides a more efficient form of learning as you are responsible for making and drafting your timetable, You don’t need to either follow a school timetable or a national one if you will need your child to write exams like the GCSEs or A-levels, you can follow the curriculum.
  5. You will be able to make the class an interactive session as your kids will be comfortable around you enough to ask questions bothering them that they may not have asked in class.
  6. You can also decide to structure their learning in such a way as to help them become ger in a subject where they are struggling and this, in turn, will help boost their self-confidence and knowledge overall.
  7. It also affords you and your kids more time for hands-on learning and is more practical than theoretical.
  8. Homeschooling gives your child the time to be kids by allowing them to explore, create, play, and wonder while still learning at the same time and not be confined to the four walls of a classroom.
  9. It provides increased family time and helps your kids imbibe more family values as the family tends to spend a lot of time together.
  10. It helps your kids learn to be independent and helps them learn how to plan their activities without necessarily depending on you.

Why Do People Choose Homeschooling?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

If you as a parent are considering the idea of homeschooling your kids, it is important to know the advantages and also the disadvantages that come with the venture, Knowing this will help you make a decisive decision as to what will be best for your kids.

Some advantages of homeschooling your kids include:

  • Flexibility: This is perhaps the most appealing advantage of homeschooling as your kids will have the opportunity to study things within their interest range, It is also advantageous to parents looking to instill certain kinds of values in their wards as they will get to spend more time together with them, these values will be learned by the kids.
  • Quality learning is another huge advantage of homeschooling, it ensures the child is getting all the required attention, which is most beneficial for children with special needs.
  • Another advantage of homeschooling is bonding, it affords parents the time to bond with their kids, and it also makes it possible for parents to identify the unique abilities of their children by spending more time with them.
  • With homeschooling, your children will not get to face unnecessary peer pressure from other kids their age as they will be comfortable in their skin, without the need to do something for approval from their peers.
  • Homeschooling also allows you to take all the needed time required for learning to take place without needing to rush the child through, they move through educational materials faster than their peers.

To every advantage of ventures also lies the disadvantages, Some disadvantages of homeschooling include:

  • Lack of curriculum structure and facilities
  • Financial burdens
  • Increased sense of isolation and lack of social interactions from kids within their age group
  • Fear of failure, A lot of parents harbor the fear that their kids may fail or fall behind in the real world, This is why most parents will spend most of their time on subjects that their kids have shown tremendous strength in. This, however, increases the pressure to keep up.
  • Societal pressure is another disadvantage of homeschooling as many a time both the parents and the kids are often misunderstood and judged by society. It can be frustrating as they try to keep explaining to people why they chose homeschooling. For a parent to homeschool their kids, they will need to develop tough skin to be able to withstand the pressure that comes with it.

Cause And Effect Of Homeschooling

Some causes and effects of homeschooling include reasons why parents will want to homeschool their kids, some do so because they want their kids to be comfortable in their own space, and some do so to spend more time with their children and instill some home values in them, while others homeschool their kids because they feel what the kids are getting in school is just not enough and the school may not have been focusing on the kid’s strength, whatever the reasons may be for parents choosing to homeschool their kids, know that the decision is theirs solely.

Some other questions were removed around if you should try homeschooling and reasons were given for the affirmative

  • With homeschooling, you experience less stress because there is no competition among classmates.
  • Another reason is that the cost of homeschooling is far less than the average cost of schooling
  • You don’t have to go to and from school, saving you the extra time
  • You have the liberty to pick the subject and sport you want to get involved in
  • You spend time with your family and also get to choose when your holidays at

Famous People Who Were Homeschooled

Some of the famous people who were homeschooled in history with some being the president at some certain times in their lives, people like:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John Quincy Adam
  • James Garfield
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Theodore Roosevelt e.t.c.

Other people that went through homeschooling include:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Serena Williams
  • Tim Tebow
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Hilary Duff
  • Agatha Christie
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Justin Bieber
  • Dakota Fanning
  • James Madison
  • Christina Maria






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