What Happens if a School Burns Down

What Happens if a University Burns Down?

When it comes to hypothetical questions, especially catastrophe-based ones, it drives a lot of interest, thereby seeking answers. One such is the ever-trending “What Happens If A University Burns Down?” This has resulted in a couple of theories expressing what and how to deal with an occurrence like it.

Being a large institution with a couple of departments bearing some important pieces of information and records on past and present students’ activities, grades, plus that of the staff as well, to even pricey tools and equipment for the teaching-learning process, when an event like inferno happens, it becomes hard for a university to regain its normalcy.

The whole world becomes scared of such institutions, and parents and prospective students, particularly, sort for other universities. For the concerned school, functioning as it were, would either be impossible or slow to recover its lost glory. Notwithstanding, what happens to the returning students who are yet to complete their studies? Find out!

What Happens If A University Burns Down?

Asides from the fact that properties, equipment, and vital pieces of information will be lost, returning students, according to a theory known as “PASS BY CATASTROPHE”, will have to be awarded their degree.

As long as there are students who have been affected by this tragic incident, they automatically move to the next level. However, a university is made of several buildings that can be numbered over a hundred, hence, the whole university can’t burn to the ground.

Advancement in the educational section has grown over the years, and students now run distance learning and online classes to complete their course of study, yet, natural disasters like hurricanes or tsunamis can happen, as seen in Tulane University, New Orleans, in 2005, and a couple of others; safe alternatives are usually provided in such cases.

What Happens If A High School Burns Down?

If this occurs when school activities are ongoing, an immediate evacuation process would be initiated for all students and staff to remain in a safe place. While another location for teaching will be on the lookout if a part of the school was affected.

After students return after a couple of days or weeks, of course, not to the affected scene or buildings. If the whole school is deeply affected and there is no place for holding classes and running administrative duties, the school finds nearby institutions that can help in carrying out teachings. In case of overpopulation, students are distributed to separate high schools to lessen the burden on just a school.

If A School Burns Down Does Everyone Graduate?

Although this seems quite mythic and impossible, natural disasters know no skin type or building, but if a school gets to face fire incidence, all students that are still studying receive automatic graduation.

Is Pass By Catastrophe Real?

Well, it is real, but it is rare for a college, university, or high school to encounter this. Hence, if you are expecting to get a free ticket out of your course of study or educational activities, you will have to kiss your fingers off getting past by catastrophe and face your studies squarely.

 What Happens If A School Burns Down?

The entire documents and pieces of information that as to do with the students and the staff will be lost and properties will turn into an ember. To fix this, you will have to sort for other schools in your neighborhood or apply for another program. The affected school itself would have to take responsibility.

Additionally, the fire service ends up conducting thorough research on the cause of the incident and carrying out a rescue mission to know if lives are still stocked in buildings, while caution is taken to prevent further occurrences.

What Happens If a College Is Destroyed?

Such an incident does not put an end to the educational life of any student; it just temporarily gives a break to their studies. During this period, an alternative to other colleges around is accessed, or the college that is destroyed seeks buildings that can be rented to continue their students’ education.

Additionally, terminal students are given automatic graduation based on a theory known as “pass by catastrophe.” This theory is quite interesting, but rare because it is impossible. Except there is a bomb explosion or cruel natural disaster like an earthquake, tsunami, and the like.

It is unlikely for a whole college to turn to ashes because there are quite several buildings positioned at different locations on the same premises, except the college, on rare occasions, is a building-based setup.

Do You Graduate With A Bachelor’s Degree If Your College Burns Down?

You get your bachelor’s degree once your college is faced with a natural disaster or intense fire outbreak. This kind of event happens once in a century, however, a pass-by catastrophe is a known theory that gets you covered.

Meanwhile, the college finds a way of fixing the studies of students who are yet to reach their terminal level by seeking other institutions that can admit them. For congestion, these students are divided among several available colleges.

What Happens If Someone Dies On A College Campus?

The college is held responsible for the death because maximum security ought to be one of the topmost duties of an institution. Hence, if things go haywire and experiences are otherwise, it means the college lacks competence and vigilance.

Students become scared and unsafe, and it is likely some withdraw their admission to seek better and safe options. Then the college can be charged to court if the cause of death is fraternity clashes, food poisoning, bullying, and the like.

What Happens If A University Is Affected By A Natural Disaster?

It depends on the effect of the natural disaster caused and the financial capacity of the university. It is either the institution begins an online program with all necessities on board, or they seek help from other universities in other states or locations until they can get back, at least to a reasonable capacity, the loss made.

What Happens If A Student Dies During An Exam?

Pass is assured to other students that are in the hall if a student or someone dies while an examination session is going on. While in the case of Burndown, the students at their apex get instant graduation.

Lastly, during incidence like an inter-campus accident where a student is hit by the shuttle bus, the university caters to the bills and offers free payment of tuition.

What Will Happen If A Student Dies In The Examination Hall?

The examination comes to hold, and all students sitting in the hall are graded well, afterward. If it is that a student collapsed during the exam, such a person is taken to the school’s health center, while other students in the hall continue with their examination.


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