Homeschool Programs in Texas

Homeschooling Programs in Texas

Due to the global pandemic that occurred a few years ago, the interest in homeschooling has grown beyond what the eyes can witness. The days on the calendar are now filled with this as the safest and fastest option, as far as education is concerned.

Research conducted by the Texas Homeschool Coalition, states that over 350,000 students are now homeschooled, and it is no news that this number increases every time the seconds on the wall clock make a move. Several parents are now sorting for either home-schooling or virtual learning systems to give their wards quality education.

These kids can even prepare beforehand by taking online preparatory courses. Are you a parent or even a prospective student, considering being homeschooled, taking virtual learning, and the like? Then, there are some factors you need to take cognizance of before you can take your legal home-school system. Here they are:

  • All instructions must be genuine
  • All forms of the curriculum must be virtual (ranging from the video monitor, workbooks, books, etc.)
  • Inclusion of good citizenship, spelling, grammar, basic subjects of reading and mathematics must be seen

It is illegal to register your wards under their schools’ district or be permitted to be homeschooled while they’re still in a physical learning center. Your children must be withdrawn from their public schools before you go further with homeschooling.

Another requirement is that the curriculum of the home-schooling or virtual learning must cover these:

  • Mathematics
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Good Citizenship
  • Grammar

Best Accredited Homeschool Programs In Texas

For an idea, Texas Education Agency stipulated that the programs in high school should be made of 26 credits to make graduate. A curriculum is thereby needed to make up this educational requirement.

However, numerous varieties of curricula are out there, ranging from Secular, Traditional, Technological, Classical, and DVD. In order to aid you to select the best for your child, we have compiled 5 Texas Homeschooling Programs and the Top-rated Accredited Homeschool in Texas as well. We are pretty sure you can’t wait to enroll your child. Keep reading to learn more.

Calvert Education

In over 90 countries of the world and the entire 50 states, Calvert has made 60,000 students accomplish their homeschooling program, so far, and these numbers will still remain on the counting machine. With exceptional homeschool support and a digital curriculum that has stood the test of time, you are entirely covered with them.

They give parents the right lessons online to give to their children for teaching, and these kids can learn anytime, and anywhere they please. Sufficient tools for knowledge, grading work, and tracking progress are not farfetched.

Her programs are filled with courses equivalent to other high school districts, and these courses are officially approved by NCAA, as they are fit for NCAA athleticism.

Well-Trained Mind

Here, your wards are opened to a curriculum dressed in classical regalia. It offers an annual system that gives a subject to another guide until your child is drenched in the best online education.

In order to aid their level of reading, understanding, and thinking, the program gives a well-detailed and rigorous academic system. From Writing to Grammar, Mathematics to History, and several others, you get to enjoy open-and-go learning aids.

On the other hand, The Well-trained Mind Academy remains the name given to Well-Trained Mind’s online course provider; where learning-process and teacher-student connection is made possible with live-instruction-based technology and classical methods.


The whole world knows that Time4Learning is one of the top-rated homeschooling systems in Texas. Working according to Texas’ homeschool laws you get nothing to worry about.

Social studies, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, and several others are all available for Pre k-12 learning with high standards and quality. On a monthly basis, your wards get interactive lessons when you make subscriptions. These lessons can be well-printed from the comfort of your home.

To top it up, you get to enjoy an online after-school program. It is will be bad of me if I do not tell you that Time4Learning is an awarding-winning and credited system in the state of Texas.

Texas Tech University

Basically, Texas Tech University provides specific subjects and homeschool solutions for your children and even the family on a full-time curriculum.

You have various courses to take on both a full-time and part-time basis. All needed courses are according to the instructions and policies of the Texas Educational Standard. Texas High School’s Diploma Graduation plan is tested, trusted, simple and well-detailed.

Oak Meadow

The curriculum of Oak Meadow will water and drive the interest of your child, giving him the right learning styles, and skills with well-customized content on reputable standards.

It is nice to make it known that the New England Association for Schools and Colleges, a leading accrediting agency keeping it locked from the United States, has accredited this homeschooling platform. Hence, you got no worries.

For distant learners and homeschoolers, the curriculum is printable, as it can be individually used by students. You need not put your heart on a speedometer if this is your first time homeschooling your child.

Any of the aforementioned options are standard and well-accredited. They are all accessible with any type of device. Keeping your children school, educated, and engaged has not been this easier, all you got is at your fingertips.

Does Texas Require Accredited Homeschool?

Since all homeschooling agencies in Texas are considered to be private schools, students that finish from any of them cannot be awarded any diploma honors. Texas does not stipulate any number of days to be fully home-schooled, no requirement is made on this. However, they are free to have access to any public school of their choice, anytime.

How do I start homeschooling in Texas?

First, you need to withdraw your child from any public school because it is illegal to run both at a time. Then, you will have to choose and well-designed curriculum for him.

While selecting a curriculum for him, ensure it covers good citizenship, spelling, grammar, reading, and mathematics. An ideal and simple-to-comprehend curriculum comprehensively made is all you got this done.

How Many Hours A Day Is Required For Home-schooling in Texas?

The educational body and policymaker in Texas give no requirement or specified the number of hours to school a learner in the home-schooling system per day. A paramount reason is that they are considered private schools.

How Much Does Home Schooling Cost in Texas?

A year homeschooling program in Texas goes for $110 per student. Tuition payment is to be made 9 times, along with the enrolment fee. Upon respective payment, the Academy ensures that the child is served his curriculum on the first, third, fifth, and seventh successful payment. The end of every month comes with a payment expiry.

What Homeschooling Programs Are Accredited in Texas?

There are several accredited Homeschooling Programs in Texas, but here are one of the topmost and most trusted ones. They offer both free and paid programs, respectively.

  • Texas Connections Academy
  • Texas Online Preparatory School
  • Texas Tech University
  • Oak Meadow
  • Texas Virtual Academy
  • Well-Trained Mind
  • iUniversity Prep
  • Time4Learning

How do I Switch from Public School to Homeschool in Texas?

Switching from Public school to home-school is simple, first, compose a letter of withdrawal and send a letter or mail it to the principal in charge of your child’s school, or you could give it to the counselor.

The attendance clerk working in that particular school will make it officially known that you have withdrawn your child, as the date you started or you will begin to homeschool will be conveyed as well.


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