Easy Peasy Reviews

Easy Peasy Homeschool Reviews

Have you been wondering what Easy Peasy is? It is a chargeless online home-school curriculum for children. Here is a full review of it. Do not get it twisted it is not an online school, but just an online curriculum.

It is an initiative that emanated from Lee Giles, the owner of the website’s home-school program. The website contains all lesson plans and collections of written aids made just for students. Directions are meant to be followed and read daily.

In the lesson plans are links to articles, games, worksheets, videos, and external sites with everything your child needs to be fully engaged. As a parent, here are the steps to take to get it done:

  • Create an account
  • Input the grade level and name of the child
  • Select a science/history theme (this will be later discussed as you read further)
  • You are good to go! Set up made! Easy peasy!

The child got nothing to worry about because the links are all simplified to access. All he needs to do is visit the Easy Peasy site, find his name and click, and the pages of assignment meant for him will be provided.

There is a list of subjects to make choices from, and you are free to make yours as well. For instance, Piano Practice, or something you might think is weird but somewhat important like “Take care of the Pet.”

Every click made on a lesson is vividly documented and seen right before you. You are meant to mark such lessons after completion, to move to an entirely different from the next day. To lighten every mood, there is a “TAKE A BREAK” button, where your child will have to engage in some energy-based dance and music session.

While some of the subjects can be printed right in your comfort zone, others would have to be downloaded or purchased, before you can have independent ownership or access. The pre-printed forms are available at Easy Peasy’s store.

Speaking off the printable, all you would need again are minimal, just scissors, pencils, glue, colored pencils, and crayons. These are just the things you need physically, other things are online, and they are chargeless.

Is It Really an All-in-One Homeschool Program?

It is high time we looked into the entirety of the Easy Peasy Homeschool Review. There are several homeschool programs online, but Easy Peasy is at the top of them, it is an all-in-one homeschool program with any subject you can ever imagine.

Provisions From Easy Peasy Includes:

  • Reading (here, your child gets to learn vocabulary in the later part, then phonics and sight words take off first).
  • Language Arts (which includes non-fiction writing, grammar, creative writing, and spelling)
  • Mathematics
  • Bible
  • PE and Health
  • Critical Thinking and Logic (they are engaged with games that fall in these categories, such as chess, puzzles, and tangrams).
  • Computer

Uniquely, your child gets introductorily, subjects like music, science, history, art and the likes. You are to select a particular theme, which was early discussed in this article. You get to learn more about this. There are just themes to choose from:

  • Modern history (physics and chemistry)
  • Ancient history (and biology)
  • Geography and cultures (and earth science)
  • Early American history (and zoology)

Music and art are not among these themes. It is suggested that you selected just a theme for an annual family study, to make things simplified and simple. Unlike some programs, Easy Peasy’s curriculum does not mandate any of its parts, you can run them at your will.

Is There Easy Peasy High School?

Yes, Easy Peasy High School exists. Everyone loves the homeschooling system initiated by this wonderful site, hence, they decided to take the game a little bit higher. For the normal Easy Peasy curriculum, the apex is eighth grade.

A similarity to the initial PreK-8 is that you are also at the liberty of selecting the courses for your child in the Easy Peasy All-In-One-High School, with a set of assignment pages per day, which can all be accessed with just a click.

On a different side, Easy Peasy High School does not allow you to select themes of your choice. All it does is to equip the child and train him well, to tend enough to sit for CLEP subjects and exams (just to hasten the college courses and burst into degree within the shortest time).

Below is a list of the important courses taken at the Easy Peasy All-in-One High School:

  • Foundations (your child gets courses in critical thinking, character, study skills, and public speaking).
  • English (literature and composition)
  • Spanish
  • History (government, American history, and world history)
  • Bible
  • Science (oceanography, chemistry, biology, physics, and earth science)
  • Mathematics (algebra through calculus)
  • Art and music appreciation
  • PE

Additionally, you can also access courses outside the All-in-One High school by Easy Peasy. You will get to have courses such as AP prep courses, Economics, CLEP, French, and parent-submitted courses. Culinary Arts, Forensics, and German are also available.

Does Easy Peasy Online Homeschool Work for Everyone?

To be honest, because this question comes with so much deepness; Easy Peasy homeschool can work for everyone, it cannot be ideal for all and every child. This particular question is important in Easy Peasy Online Homeschool, and you have got the answer.

Notwithstanding, which home-school program then works for everyone? Well, it is just like searching or looking out for a pair of sneakers, just like your dreams, you might get to own one that perfectly suits with the highest level of smartness, but it turns out unideal for your sibling.

Therefore, to know if a program suits or fits you, below are worth considering:

It’s Christian

You will have to look into something else if you are looking forward to a strict and secular program because not all subject tackles this overtly.

It’s all online

While you have some kids that can assimilate and learn from screens placed right before them, others would not dear to, it won’t work. Are you looking for a paper and book curriculum? You are in the wrong place, look out for somewhere else. Find what suits you and your child.

It’s designed for independent learners

You will have to look into selecting something else if your child will find it uneasy to concentrate or stay before screens to learn. If you feel distraction is likely to come in full appearance, do choose a different option.

You want detailed assessments

You are the kind of parent who loves a deep and well-entailed system of assessment, right? This program is not for you.  Because the child independently has to assess to do that on the automated system, such a learner could be tempted to dive into the answer without answering the answers.

It is advanced

Because the homeschooling system here is designed to treat most of the basic and foundational aspects of the subjects, all actions are carried out by reading.

It comes with a short day, just to enable your child to focus on other things (especially his passion), afterward. An advanced system with detailed explanations and lessons might be your choice, you must lookout for some other place, not here, if so.

You need a computer

Since this is solely an online thing, your kid gets to engage in lessons from laptops, iPADS, desktop computers, and computerizes, you will have to go for something else if your family cannot afford a PC or computer gadget.

To cap it up, the Easy Peasy Homeschool System is great and simple to be adapted. You are at the liberty of going for whatever works for your family even if the whole program is not ideal for you. One or two personally selected and particular subjects will go a long way.

Roadschoolers and foreigners will find this interesting because you do not have to carry a briefcase filled with tens of books that seem heavy. You do not need any book as physical luggage.

It is good for teachers who would love to strain the relationship with their students, you are free to instruct your students online. Amazingly, there is an ever-engaging and active Facebook group which is to supports and aids you on anything. Here is what you have been waiting for, don’t snooze!

How Does Easy Peasy Homeschool Work?

So simple. Select the courses you want, ensure you keep them on track, and forget, afterward. Your child will just have to run a few clicks over the box where the assignment lives for each and everyone after the other (which is found where “MY EP” is written) before he can do his assignments. Automatically, the system keeps track of every milestone.

Pros and Cons Of Easy Peasy Homeschool


  • It is free
  • Less or not difficult engagement
  • There is no lesson plan
  • It allows your child to learn at his pace
  • Can be fast and easy to adapt
  • You can either learn both offline and online
  • Pre-K to 12th Grade subjects are well covered


  • The Online courses would bridge the accountability of your child while learning.

Grades Used:

  • Pre-K
  • 4th
  • 9th

Easy Peasy Homeschool Kindergarten

Lee Giles, the owner of the Easy Peasy Homeschool, decided in 2011, to upload the assignment of students on ( https://allinonehomeschool.com), just to ensure that the assignments can be easily accessed and saved for the younger siblings and family members of the learner to also take.

The grade level comprises lessons and assignments that would be taken for a whole 180 days, consistently. These lessons cater to Mathematics, Spanish, Music, Physical Education and Health, Geography and Social Studies, Computer, History, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Grammar, and reading. All materials are not pricey and they can be got on the net.

Apart from an entirely different site for users in high school, the Easy Peasy Homeschool program got just a site for first to eighth-grade users, kindergarten, and preschool.

The set of levels is there to make you cautiously select a subject under one specifically, without altering other courses. You will station Computer and Logic, Language Arts, and Mathematics, independently.

On the other hand, your children are ready to study at once, once you select a theme. Those themes dwell on History, Geography and Cultures, American History, Modern History, Art, and Music.

To have a course for your child, you choose one on the list, position and get your mind off it. What happens next is that your child visits the link to every assignment, and kicks off the assignment. The days the lessons and assignments were taken are always tracked, worry not. It helps to aid in your knowledge of the progress of your wards.

Lastly, as you know, all you got to learn and enjoy is free. You will just, in a few cases, need to purchase pencils, paper, crayons, and the like, plus some little supplies. Offline courses in Mathematics, Language Arts, and Reading are also available.

Some printable workbooks are available in Easy Peasy’s online store. Donations can be made on MY EP, in case you are interested. Worksheets are there for you not to stress yourself with printing things.

Easy Peasy Homeschool High School

The site for Easy Peasy Homeschool High School was made for the public in 2013. Several courses in their fullness are available for you as a high school student. You can access them by visiting this link: https://allinonehomeschool.com

Easy Peasy Homeschool Printables

Just with a click, you can get all the printables on Easy Peasy with this link:


Easy Peasy Homeschool Answers

Just with a click, you can get all the printables on Easy Peasy with this link:


Is Easy Peasy Homeschool Accredited?

Easy Peasy Homeschool is not accredited. However, it does not mean that your credits won’t be considered if you show them, but that may be rejected too.

How To Sign Up For Easy Peasy Homeschool

You don’t need to create an account, for a start or test-running, you can skip the video and gain access as a guest. Visit this link which is seen on the My EP Assignments (https://myepassignments.com/pages/payment.html).

Ensure you’re your finger or mouse clicks on the rectangular made picture where Easy Peasy’s logo can be found, afterwards, you are set to make donations because the link will direct you to PayPal. You will have to initiate cancellation if you are not interested. Notwithstanding, you will be redirected for registration, still.

Next, you input your email address (it will aid you to regain access to the site once you notice that you have forgotten your password, resetting is made easy). Make your password easy to remember for both yourself and your child. No personal information is saved on the site than the first names and the choice of courses.

Come to the log-in button every day to set your child for lessons, all you can see now is STUDENT 1, and that is because you have not edited and saved it with your child’s name. In no distant time, it will be changed once this is done. You are led directly to the daily lessons once you come to this link.

For Parents

As a parent, register by clicking the “PARENTS-SETTINGS,” click edit student name, and type your child’s name, while you save it afterward.

For preschool, level 7 EP, you will have to take your child on a bit of placement test, to guide him well, and aid swiftness. Setting the level and theme are important too.

You would have seen the direction for registering your child who is still in kindergarten or preschool.

The instruction is at the top of the page. Pick your preferred history and theme if your child is between levels 1-8.

Do not forget to use the same theme in case you have children who are on the same level. Scrolling down will take you to a list of themes.

For high school learners, you get to choose from levels 9-12. Always click Add a student if you have more than one student.

Clicking on X will have one course, any choice of yours removed if you do not want it, while Previous will take you to the course before the present one, and next to the following one, in case you are not interested in one. You are free to adjust any course you are uninterested in.


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